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Executive Coaching by Laura Kunstberga

Online coaching session

150,00 €Cena

One 60-minute online coaching session. 


A single coaching session usually is a follow-up session after completing four or six session program. 

Single coaching session can be also used as a discovery session to support the client to identify their goals and challenges. Sometimes it is all that client needs - to get clarity on what they really want. And I can support you with that.


However, if there isn't clarity how to achive the goal and what has been stopping so far - at least 4 sessions are recomended to explore habits, attitudes, beliefs, skills, actions and identify gaps to work on and then observe the progress.  


Growth requires clarity, plan, effort and consistency. 


    After paying for the coaching program you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with link to schedule your first session.  

    Session can be rescheduled up to 24h in advance. Late cancellations or no show to the session will be charged 100%.

  • TAX

    Prices are excluding VAT. 

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