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About me

I welcome you on my web page, let's see  if we can create something meaningful together! 

I am passionate life explorer and certified Professional Coach with corporate background. I am willing to help companies to create and maintain great work environments where people are inspired, engaged, productive and loyal. I do it because I strongly believe in success that follows if we love what we do and make positive impact in lives of others. I am doing it through my services and I can help you to create work environment and develop corporate culture where your people are compelled by vision, can feel they are part of something meaningful and are making impact that matters. 

Apart from career and business, there are other meaningful areas of life, including social life, romantic relationships, parenting, health and fitness, intellectual and spiritual growth that all contribute to fulfilling and happy life. 

I work both with companies and individual clients to find their WHATs, HOWs and WHYs. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to working with you.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my experience and qualifications.


Take your life and business to the next level

Tailormade Solutions and Services

It doesn't matter where we will start, I use an array of skills  and techniques to help you achieve desired results both in private life and your business. Before we will start with workshops, 1-on-1 and group coaching sessions, I will perform internal culture and engagement audit to recommend solutions that will take you in the right direction towards success and will enable further sustainable growth.

Corporate Culture and Engagement Audit

Interviews with your employees followed by experience and knowledge based recommendations to improve your company's work environment and develop corporate culture

Team Workshops and
Group Coaching Sessions

Working together with teams and groups - focusing on what is important, designing the perfect outcome and setting SMART action steps to achieve desired results

Individual Life Coaching Sessions

Helping you to realise what you truly want and enabling you to see fresh perspectives to enjoy new experiences and increase quality of Your Life

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